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Meet Mojo! This cute little black chichuahua came to Heartland Animal Hospital as a very very sick pup in September of 2014. He was unresponsive . He had gotten into a toxin of unknown source. There was no guarantee he would make it through the night or ever recover. The owners had just acquired him from a relative that had passed away and were unable to financially commit to extensive hospitalization and diagnostic work - especially with his fate unknown. Julie chose to take him home and nurse him through the night in hopes that he might turn a corner and improve. By morning, he was showing signs of improvement and even a tail wag, so further treatment was resumed at the hospital. Chihuahuas are very attached to single people and don’t always warm up to strangers. Since he was unresponsive when he was presented, his temperament was completely unknown. Over the next few days, he continued to improve and was found to be a very loving chihuahua. Julie had a houseful of her own fur babies, so she was set on finding him a good home. He found his way to The Hairy Sofa, where everyone fell in love with him. Our mascot/logo is a larger dog, but his ears reminded us of that logo.  We named him Mojo and our logo is now named Mojo. He was destined to be a Sofa Dog. He shared time between Sara and Julie’s home until one day Sara “forgot” to bring him to work. We knew he had found his furever home. He traveled with Sara to work everyday and became a very large part of the sofa.  He was forced to model incoming dog beds, collars, and of course, all of our treats had to be Mojo approved. We lost Mojo in a tragic accident two years later, but the impact he had on us all was everlasting.

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