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I have preferred the company of pets since I was a child. I went to Iowa State pre-veterinary program, but before applying for veterinary school, I decided being a doctor was not in the cards for me. I started in veterinary medicine as a veterinary technician 30 years ago. I married a veterinarian, Dr Gary Breault in March of 2000 and we bought Heartland Animal Hospital in April of the same year.

In 2012,  I started noticing that the animal hospital was getting calls for a recommendation for a groomer.  There were no groomers that stood out on the NE side of Wichita at that time. I have never groomed and never will, but I know how important it is to your pet’s health. Heartland has always considered grooming an essential part of healthcare and the groomer as a part of the healthcare team!

I started looking for a partner to jump on board with my new adventure as a grooming salon owner!! I found Sara when I took my pets to PetSmart for grooming. She was amazing, so I made it my goal to convince her that we could do something great together!! We started The Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique in January of 2013 at 37th and Rock.  We both knew exactly how it should be run - her as a master groomer and me as a business manager! I am so proud of the space we have created. So... we decided to do it again - But Where???

I love downtown Wichita, but was not very familiar with it. I started hanging out downtown and saw all of the dedicated owners walking their dogs through the streets. I met with the Downtown Associations and learned about all of the future plans for Downtown. In March 2020, we opened our doors just as the City of Wichita shut things down because of the pandemic.  We are hanging in there and get busier every week.  We love our Downtown location!! 

I have 3 shih tzus - Edward Cullen, Stanley Longbottom and Hamilton James. I also hae 2 cats - Spyder Harrison and Iggabyte. Last but not least, I have two children - Sydney Joy and Ava Carlin!! Sydney fell in love with grooming and now is the Grooming Manager at the Downtown location! I love them all dearly.

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