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  • Ashley Streight

43 Best Dog Costumes for Your Playful Pup to Rock This Halloween

It might be a challenge to even think about finding a great Halloween costume for your dog when you yourself haven't found the perfect look (FYI: We can help with that). But as you probably know, picking out the best dog costume for Halloween is actually so much fun, especially since there are so many easy DIY options and store-bought picks to have everyone oohing and aahing over them come October 31st. Not to mention, there are so many great matching dog and owner looks that are honestly, too good to pass up. If you really want your pup to be the star of the Halloween parade, you can't go wrong with a funny dog costume that's equal parts cute and comedic. Just take a look at the fun and cute options below — there's something for every pup regardless if they are small, medium or large.

When shopping, make sure to always measure your dog before purchasing to ensure that the costume will be a comfortable fit. Measure around the neck (snug like a collar), around the chest (at the widest part) and down the body (from the base of the neck to the base of the tail). Even if there are breed examples provided on the sizing charts, it’s always best to measure your pup. Most importantly: If your dog is in any way distressed when you put the costume on, skip it. If they cannot easily breathe, walk or go to the bathroom, take it off immediately. Avoid clothing with dangling objects that can be swallowed, do not dye your pet's fur and never leave your pet unattended in a costume.

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