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  • Ashley Streight

Lost dog walks 11 miles back to former shelter, rings doorbell to get in.

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA/CNN Newsource) -- Bailey the rescue pup is safe and back home with her new adoptive father, after being on the run for three days. Her more than ten-mile journey began when she escaped, while new owner was trying a collar on her. Once free, she took off running.

"She was fast. She cleared a 7-foot wall and it was about a 10-foot drop to the other side," says owner Micah Baer. He says he was devastated, and looked for her for three days and two nights.

"I was worried I was never gonna get her back...I've only had her a month she's already made herself a part of our family," Baer adds.

Bailey's trip on foot from Sunland Park Drive to the Animal Rescue League in Canutillo where she lived for the past few years is roughly 11 miles. While she was on her trek, a social media campaign was underway to help find her. There were multiple sightings on the westside. ARL Director Loretta Hyde says she knew Bailey was making her way back to them.

"I said, she's coming back to the shelter. They go no. I'm like, 'she'll be home tonight.' Sure enough! Bailey was spotted on the ring doorbell just after 1 a.m.," says Hyde.

"She's looking right in the ring camera going, I'm home! Let me in!"

Hyde says everyone makes mistakes, and that no one is perfect. Even so, she believes Micah and Bailey are perfect for each other. Micah has ordered a collar with a GPS tracker, and says next time he won't be so trusting. It's a happy ending for all, especially Micah, who says Bailey isn't just a pet. She's part of his family.

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