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  • Ashley Streight

Vets and Groomers Slammed with Pandemic Pets

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -Groomers at The Hairy Sofa are slammed.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Julie Breault, the owner.
They are back open and busier than ever.
“Things have continued to be crazy, during the pandemic everyone got the pandemic puppies, which was great business for us, but it became so overwhelming that we weren’t able to get everyone in and we are still at that point.”
Breault is also the practice manager at Heartland Animal Hospital she says they are busy with clients and having to schedule some appointments weeks out.

“It’s very overwhelming, the hospital was able to stay open the entire pandemic because we were obviously a necessity, the grooming salon was shutdown, it was shocking and hard as a business owner.”

She says make sure to do as much brushing and grooming at home so you don’t have to make so many appointments.
Over at Hodes Veterinary Health Center appointments keep coming.
“We are not the only clinic experiencing that, it’s nation wide,” said the owner, Jessica Hodes.
She says on top of seeing more pets due to the pandemic, staffing is also part of the problem.
“More and more people are wanting to come in for exams, but if you are already booked sometimes people are being diverted elsewhere, but that was hard too because there could be a 6-8 hours wait else where.”
Both business owners say if you do see an issue or have an emergency with your pet, come in right away, but be prepared to potentially wait. They say schedule your wellness appointments in advance and be patient.
“Our local emergency clinic has also been inundated. They are trying their best,” said Hodes.
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